Our Investment Philosophy

Know our client, know their goals, and mitigate the risk

At RL Farmer Wealth Strategies, we believe that there’s a better way to approach investment planning than just advice. There’s so much more that goes into your investment plan than just advising on investments or watching the market (although these are important) – you need a strategy for choosing the right investments based on your risk profile that can capture predictable returns. A road map that shows you where your investments will be both short and long term so that you can make adjustments, where needed, and retire on your terms. Having a strategy in place can help manage the anxieties and worries that can come with planning for your future.

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We don’t believe in building an investment plan around how to outguess the market or ‘get rich’ schemes.  Our investment strategies are backed by years of industry-driven and evidence-backed research.  We build comprehensive and personalized investment plans based on what is best for you, not what is best for us – a plan built upon identifying your financial concerns, what your dreams are for your future and the legacy you want to leave behind - taking into consideration the impact it will have on you and your family for years to come.

At our practice, you have access to professional, knowledgeable advisors that offer complex investment planning.  We’re solely focused on your goals and believe that a collaborative approach between client and advisor is where long-term relationships are born.  With the right financial strategy in place - you can plan for your future.

Our investment philosophy is simple -- know our client, know their goals, and mitigate the risk

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