Investment Planning Process

We have the same goal in mind...your success

Planning for your future can be overwhelming and confusing, meeting with a financial advisor who can help you put all of the pieces together and manage your risk doesn’t have to be.

Let’s begin:

First Step

Learn about you: The initial step in our process is sitting down with our advisor for a casual (but important) no-cost meeting were we get to learn more about your short and long-team goals and what your dreams are for the future. This is where you get to learn more about us, our products and our investment philosophy to see if we are the right fit for you.

Second Step

Gather financial information: If we both agree we are a good fit, the next step in the process will be gathering your financial data so that we may proceed to the third step.

Third Step

Create personalized plan: At this stage our advisor will put together a very comprehensive and strategic investment plan that projects where your investments will be both short and long term based on your financial and retirement goals.

Fourth Step

Present your portfolio: At this meeting we go over your personalized strategic investment and retirement plan, along with a thorough understanding of our fee structure. We will discuss how your investments should be working for you, appropriate annual amount to save, rate of return, investment allocations, cash flow in retirement, social security, investment income, taxes and inflation, estate planning and much more. We also determine the appropriate level of risk and how we can best guide you toward achieving your financial and retirement goals.

Fifth Step

Putting plan into action: If we are in agreement to proceed, we will begin the process.

What happens next

Ongoing communication! Our relationship doesn’t end here. An investment plan is a living document that requires review and adjusting. We continue to meet and discuss your portfolio performance throughout the year ensuring that we are on track to work towards making your financial dreams come true.

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