Our Values

Our values are what drives everything we do at our practice. It is at the core of every decision we make and why our clients work with us for multiple generations.


We strive to work in your best interest and aren’t tied to any proprietary product sales or motivated by commission. We have the flexibility to recommend investments that are right for you and your specific situation.


At RL Farmer Wealth Strategies, your best interest is our top priority. We are not just a trusted advisor to our clients; we are a trusted partner – helping you understand why your portfolio is positioned the way it is. We trust our clients to provide us with the most accurate data, and they trust us to make financial recommendations that are in their best interest.


We offer our clients a personalized online account view where they can view and monitor their investment performances and fees in real time.


We do much more than just provide financial advice for our clients. We provide comprehensive strategies that address all of their concerns, whether they’re 5 or 50 years away. These in-depth plans help us plan more accurately so you can dream about your future while managing your finances.


Not only do we keep ourselves abreast on the current financial landscape, but our founder, Bob, has a Ph.D in finance and uses his analytical nature and passion for information to help clients. When you work with RL Farmer Wealth Services, you receive Ph.D level advice about your unique situation. We believe you will find it difficult to match that level or care of education anywhere else!

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